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Who and how can you donate?

Anyone can donate to projects, either through our website using credit or debit cards, or through PayPal.

Select the project you want to promote, and this will serve as your grain of sand contribution to develop the project together with us.

We take advantage of solar energy, wind and water; the idea is to produce energy to pump water and clean energy.


How Do Our Initiatives Work?

We believe in donations
Anyone can donate to projects.

We review potential projects

Our executive team reviews each of the potential projects, evaluating all their qualities to select the communities that will benefit.

Knowing the cost

To know the cost of each project we make an analysis considering several factors: accessibility, location, needs to be solved, etc.


We work with governments and partner companies to contribute to the project, then we start with fundraising with the general public.

Sustainable proposal

We suggest a design with sustainable and low-cost technologies. Sustainability is paramount to the success of our mission.

Execution and implementation

Our teams of experts in the area carry out the installations incorporating quality control mechanisms in all our projects.

Low-cost electricity

Our visionary approach to resource allocation ensures that our projects provide at least a decade of reliable, low-cost lighting and power.

Who and how can you donate?

Choose the project you want to promote,
and this will be your contribution to develop
the project together with us.


Our commitment is to purchase an 18kW Solar PV system and a 36kWh storage system for the Serafin Montana Cuellar Hospital.
The impact generated with the funds raised will be to improve electrical connections and stabilize the hospital’s loads, the machinery used by hospitals generates very high electrical loads which cause high costs in electricity tariffs, voltage drops, peaks.